Monday, 8 August 2011

Another good review for 'Britain and the Sea'!

OK, I know this is shameful self-promotion, but as the Times Higher has recently noted, it's partly up to authors to drum up interest in their own works. We can't leave it all to publishers.

So it's gratifying to see another good review for the present blogger's Britain and the Sea since 1600, released last year. Hot on the heels of good write-ups in The Scotsman, BBC History Magazine and The English Historical Review, it's all a pay-off for years of hard work on the book.

The American Library Association's Choice magazine is really very nice about Britain and the Sea:

This book provides a useful reminder of the intensity of British engagement with the sea and its shaping role in British culture beginning in early modern times. O'Hara... offers a splendid example of the revolution that has taken place over the past generation or so in maritime history, a subject becoming far more comprehensive in its scope. Contemporary scholarship is taking the matter far beyond men commanding ships into a wider saltwater spectrum of economic and social history, environmental studies, and cultural affairs, along the way looking at hitherto neglected groups and individuals, all placed within a global perspective. The result is a book exceptionally rich, with fresh information carrying readers down to the present.

So it's good news from this blog! After a few doom-laden entries, I thought you'd like to hear it.

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